How Do You Know If It's Really Reclaimed Wood ? | Mill St. Metalwork

Is it Really Reclaimed Wood?

When starting a new project with a customer, we often get involved in a conversation about reclaimed wood and what it really is. Let us take some time here to explain what reclaimed wood is and our furniture process with it. 

HANDCRAFTED FURNITURE WITH HISTORIC BEAUTY At Mill St. Metalwork we are always scouting leads for beautiful old wood with a history. Sometimes it’s an old barn that has stood for hundreds of years as a treasured part of a community. Other times it might be antique lumber that has been used for other purposes, such as doors or floors. We look for wood with historic significance, beauty, value, and meaning. We reclaim the beautifully weathered wood and craft one-of-a-kind furniture and fixtures that bring a bit of unique history into your home or office. Our owner, Steve Hartzfeld, is involved at every stage of the process. We will mill and finish the lumber to the exact specifications for your project. 

SUSTAINABLE FURNITURE You’ve heard of “farm to table”, now consider “land to living” room. Enhance your space with our natural wood tables, beds, and fixtures. Our sourced wood products are beautiful, sustainable, and responsible. It promotes sustainability when we can reuse these beautiful old woods with a history. 

WOOD THAT TELLS A STORY Select a species of wood from our collection or ask us to preserve a tree on your property by transforming it into a unique piece for your home. We can turn that fallen white oak into a beautiful kitchen table to be enjoyed by future generations. These old pieces have a history, as the number of rings in the cut of the wood reveal. Select from our unique slabs with natural edges, milled antique lumber, reclaimed beams, and shorts for your creative projects. Steve, and his team are there to guide your project from vision to completion. For the homeowner ordering a table or working with a contractor, the woodworking professional, or part-time woodworker, Mill St. Metalwork has the quality reclaimed, sawn slabs, and dried hardwood lumber for the job. Give us a call at 970-939-0011 to start your next project.