Store Bought Vs. Custom Furniture

When designing the interiors of our office or home spaces, we often find ourselves unable to find that perfect piece of furniture online or at our favorite furniture store. Store-bought furniture often doesn’t match the quality or design that we are looking for, yet building a custom piece involves more time and costs more. Are the expense and time worth commissioning a custom piece? 


While store-bought furniture provides you a ready-made solution that may suffice in various spaces, often only custom-built furniture solves the design problem. Clients who are looking for that special, one-of-a-kind piece, on which to hang the whole room will need to go the custom-built route. Hiring a talented craftsman can bring to life your creative vision, and the time spent collaborating on the design and build will bring much pleasure for years to come. Together you can create that perfect piece made for the room, versus settling for what you can find among the manufactured, store-bought options. 


When considering budgets, the custom-made option might seem extravagant side by side with similar manufactured furniture, yet a customer must consider the personal value of owning a custom piece. Custom furniture simply costs more because it is more costly to build. A furniture maker builds custom pieces by hand to his client’s specifications. This takes time, compared to a manufacturing process that cranks out multiples of the exact same design over and over again. The raw materials for custom pieces also potentially cost more than manufactured pieces of the same size. We recommend that our clients envision the room with the custom piece and with the store-bought piece. Once they look at the space in their minds with the two options, they will know whether the additional cost of custom is the way to go. 


The quality of manufactured furniture compared to custom furniture may vary greatly. Some bargain store-bought pieces may be made of the least expensive materials possible, such as laminated particleboard with inexpensive hardware. Carpenters pay attention to detail when making custom furniture, choosing durable, beautiful wood for their projects. You can also make special requests, whereas options may literally be non-existent with pre-made furniture. 

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